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A sneak peek into the lives of Graduate Brand Ambassadors and how we set their legacies in stone.

Capturing Iconic Moments

In September 2018, we brought together six Graduate Brand Ambassadors from all over the world to Linn House in Speyside. Here, we shot footage for our “live your legacy” campaign.

Living your legacy is making your mark abroad, influencing and inspiring people with your passion for whisky. To capture this, each ambassador went through hours of makeup to transform them into a living statue. During the day, they also told us about their experiences taking centre stage and being a part of an opportunity like no other.

Here is some behind the scenes footage of this memorable day.

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Every Chivas Brothers' graduate has a unique story to tell. But they've all experienced moments that have defined them as professionals and as people.

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International Graduate Programme

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Our International Graduate Programme turns you into a Brand Ambassador and sets you on an inspiring journey. It’s a solid foundation for a lasting career.

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