International Graduate Programme

Find out how our current and past graduates have grown since becoming Chivas Brothers brand ambassadors.

Claire's Career Development

Aug 2017 – Present Scotland, UK
Sep 2016 – Aug 2017 London, UK
Sep 2014 - Aug 2016 Madrid, Spain

My Experience

My experiences on the International Graduate Programme in Spain gave me the confidence to work proactively, make decisions independently, approach new bars with ease and build an extensive network from scratch.

This is invaluable in my current role where I manage 350 bars around Scotland.

I have to offer each bar a package which meets their business needs, style and goals, and having worked extensively with all sorts of venues in Spain, I am able to quickly detect which kind of products, activations and brand visibility elements would work best for them.

I’m home based and only meet the Pernod Ricard UK team once a month, so time management, organisation and proactivity are essential – all skills I learned as an Ambassador in Madrid.

After completing the two year programme in Spain, I moved to London as a Marketing Associate for Beefeater and Plymouth Gin brands globally.

This provided an insight into how each country differs in terms of the way the brands are enjoyed and promoted.

Each step with the company has taught me lots about how the bigger picture fits together and I continue to learn lots every day.

James' Career Development

Sample Room Technician
Aug 2017 – Present Kilmalid, Scotland
Sample Room Assistant
Sep 2016 – Aug 2017 Kilmalid, Scotland
Sep 2014 - Aug 2016 Dubai, UAE

My Experience

I feel privileged to play an active part in the extensive quality assurance processes Chivas Brothers’ undertakes - if that means nosing a hundred casks of 30-year-old Ballantine’s, so be it!

The friends I made while on the programme who are still ambassadors can now benefit, too, from some insider knowledge about how our portfolio of whiskies is brought to life.

I wanted to experience how our whiskies get into the bottle, after my time in the Middle East as an ambassador showed me various ways to serve it.

Whilst preparing tastings and trainings in Dubai, I honed my eye for detail – an invaluable skill when working in a department so dependent on consistency and accuracy.

The International Graduate Programme also developed my communication techniques and organisational skills.

Working in the sample room, I need to be clear and informed, whilst recognising different needs and time pressures.

Charlotte's Career Development

Assistant Brand Manager
Aug 2017 – Present London, UK
Marketing Associate
Sep 2016 – Aug 2017 London, UK
Sep 2014 - Aug 2016 Paris, France

My Experience

From training three years ago, each step of the graduate program has lead up to the role I occupy in the global brand team today. And the journey continues.

As we deal with a portfolio of luxury brands, I had to ensure that across the board the execution was impeccable - the art is in the detail.

Training ensured I had a strong base and all the tools to hit the ground running.

I was then able to develop my market knowledge, adapting to local processes, pushing me to be curious and ‘always on’.

And seeing how global strategies are implemented at a local level was a key driver for my being hired into the global brand team.

The ambassador role in itself allowed me to grow quickly and develop a wide range of skills; I worked across the marketing, sales and events teams. The role incorporated partnership development, event management and brand education to name a few.

This very hands-on experience secured me a role within the global brand team for the 3rd year of the program. My time was split between 2 different teams, BTL – developing our global mentoring tools, and Innovation – creating new products.

From my experience and performance I was offered a permanent role focusing on the progression of our global campaign.

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